Hosterra is a young company that does not yet have its own data centers. We have therefore chosen, for now, to subcontract our data centers to operators who respect very strict specifications. These operators must be French, have 100% of their infrastructure in Europe, propose an agreement of non transfer of data outside the European Union, be energy efficient (with a PUE lower than 1.4) and water efficient (with a WUE lower than 0.4).
Hosterra currently offers services at the following data centers:

Saint-Ouen l’Aumône
Paris, France

Size17000 m²
CoolingDirect and adiabatic freecooling 🌱🌱

Electrical capacity20.5 MW
Power supply100% renewable (hydro + wind) 🌱
PUE class1.2 🌱

Water consumption260 m³/an
WUE class0.3 🌱🌱

Monitoringcoming soon…