According to a survey by the Digital Observatory for the International Weather and Climate Forum, only 4 out of 10 French people are aware of the impact of digital tools on the environment... What if you were (already) one of them?

As a subject of growing attention, the digital environmental footprint is showing alarming values: today, data centers represent 3% of global electricity consumption, while digital pollution represents 5% of the greenhouse gas emitted in France. Another appalling observation: as a global water crisis looms by 2030, conventional data centers continue to gobble up billions of liters of drinking water every year to cool their infrastructure...

At the current rate, digital, directly dependent on depleting resources, will be considered a critical non-renewable resource within one to two generations.

So what to do? Is there a way to reconcile your personal and professional Internet hosting needs with the global challenge of digital sobriety?


At Hosterra, we eco-design our services with the goal of minimizing your digital footprint as much as possible. In doing so, we empower you, too, and allow you to align your environmental beliefs with your Internet hosting needs.

We are constantly looking for optimizations, to always do better, with less. And we prove it to you, thanks to the indicators that we have put in place for each of our offers: every day, you have the possibility of monitoring and understanding water and energy consumption, as well as the carbon cost of the solutions you use.

An ethical and sustainable Internet hosting is our common path for the preservation of our planet.

A few benchmarks
To help you compare, in the following tabs, the environmental footprint of the services provided by Hosterra and the efforts we are making to limit it, here are some orders of magnitude and daily figures:

  •   148 liters
    Quantity of potable water used daily by a single person in France. [1]
  •   70 liters
    Volume of fresh water consumed for a 5 minute shower. [2]
  •   84 millions liters
    That's how much water a Microsoft data center in the Netherlands uses in a year. [3]
  •   10 000 kWh
    Annual electricity consumption of a 4-person household in a 100m² house in central France. [4]
  •   140 kWh
    Amount of electricity consumed annually by a new generation single freezer. [1]
  •   1 kg
    Additional CO₂ release for a 40km car trip when the air conditioning is on. [1]
Sources (in french): ADEME [1], Veolia [2], Datacenter Magazine [3], Engie [4]. All other figures come from the ADEME's "La face cachée du numérique" report and the iNum study by the greenIT collective.