Why Hosterra?

The journey starts with Pierre Lannoy, his experience, his skills and his convictions. Assumed "web dinosaur", he is part of those who were already building websites when most of us were just discovering that we could send each other messages by email. As a precursor, he has since remained faithful to the spirit of the early days of the Internet: an agile and open system, based on decentralized information management.
Today, the big players in the Internet hosting market maintain the digital dependence and insecurity of the majority of people, thereby feeding the infobesity of our society. It was time to come and put a big kick in this anthill. Pierre decided to do it. On a kick scooter. ;-)

How to change the game?

As part of a movement that is committed to the security and sanitation of data hosting, Hosterra also places its action in the perspective of a fight for the sustainability of resources and the preservation of the environment and the planet.
We are convinced that this ideal is within reach, if everyone can realize that the current models of internet hosting are toxic for the planet in general, and unreliable for the security of data in particular.
If everyone can remain perfectly in control of their data, without depending on anyone, and certainly not on some obscure regulation outside Europe.
If everyone can, finally, decide to minimize its impact on the consumption of energy resources.

At Hosterra, we give you these powers.

How to go further?

We are leading this process of progress for and with you. We put our intelligence and skills at the service of efficiency and all our actions are aimed at permanent optimization and IT resilience, for a new responsible and efficient era. We may be a dinosaur, but we haven't missed the evolutionary step: we are constantly looking for new solutions, for a more ethical hosting and more satisfying services for you. We hope to inspire our entire ecosystem, starting with you, to positively impact the world together. No less!