The storage offers provided by Hosterra are based on architectures that have been optimized to be energy efficient. As they run in data centers that are themselves energy efficient and very water efficient, the gain for the environment is far from negligible compared to more "traditional" infrastructures.
In the following detail of consumption per TB (terabyte) of stored data, you will find 5 main indicators:
  • annual electricity consumption;
  • annual composition of the electricity mix used;
  • carbon cost of this yearly electricity consumption;
  • amount of water consumed annually;
  • temperature variation, between the air inlet and outlet of the chassis (waste heat production).
  • These indicators are accompanied by electricity and water consumption over the last 7 days.
    All indicators are calculated over the last 365 days of operation.
    annual electricity consumption
    As a comparison, a household of 4 people consumes 10 000 kWh for a house of 100m².
    annual share of renewable energy
    Only photovoltaic, wind, hydraulic, biomass and geothermal energy are considered renewable.
    annual carbon cost of electricity generation
    For comparison, air conditioning turned on for a 40km car journey releases an additional 1kg of CO₂.
    volume of water used annually
    For comparison, a 5-minute shower uses 70 liters of fresh water.
    waste heat
    This temperature variation, between the air inlet and outlet of the chassis is a good marker of waste heat.

    Power consumption

    Water consumption